Conference Theme

“Security, Sovereignty, and Sustainability:Pre-emptive Measures in a Changing World”


The 21st century is an exciting time to be alive. Innovation and empowerment are giving us greater quality of life, allow us to explore previously unimaginable creations, and are bringing humanity to new frontiers in science and technology. But in spite of these advancements, the world faces more threats now than ever before. Terrorist attacks plague even the most advanced of nations. Discussions of sovereignty, the limitations of immigration, and the authority of supranational organizations polarize political discourse. And the threat of climate change and environmental disaster, an omnipresent danger that is only growing, sees no end in sight. In the midst of this, the unfortunate truth is that our nations, communities, and even families remain divided. The power is in our hands to make a better future for us all. The world is ever changing, and new threats are sure to arise. The nations of our world need to act. But only through negotiation and diplomacy can we hope to protect our security, sovereignty, and sustainability.

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