Conference Theme

The conference theme for BEIMUN XXV 2018 is:

“Justice and Equity in the Age of Globalization.”

Through rapidly developing technologies, our world is becoming increasingly interconnected. We constantly receive new platforms to disseminate information and collaborate with people of all nationalities and cultures. Nevertheless, as more nations join this global melting pot, it is inevitable that conflicts of interests and ideologies will occur. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that justice and equity be maintained in this new age. Despite the increase in growth and efficiency that globalization has brought to societies, it is evident that globalization has spawned a new set of potential obstacles. Issues such as cyber warfare, validity of information and sustainability have recently become major concerns. This, combined with preexisting social issues such as human rights violations and inequality, means that the challenges our generation will face is more complex than ever before. Still, these issues must be resolved as ultimately it is our responsibility to provide a more stable and equitable future. 

This principal goal of the age of globalization will be reflected in BEIMUN XXV 2018 throughout all issues and crises debated in each forum.

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