Conference Theme

“Discourse in a Fragmented World”


One of the greatest challenges to face humanity so far in the 21st century is the polarization of our everyday discourse. We live in a world in which our individual rights are being challenged wherever we are. Minorities who fled their homelands in search of a better future now find their lives threatened in the very nations they believed would protect them. Beliefs of empowerment and inclusiveness are crowded common little attention is ever given to them. Even the United Nations, the world's foremost platform for common ground and researching for global solutions to global issues, faces the threat of national leaders who refuse to engage in diplomacy, and who respond to problems with calls of protectionism and a return to isolationism. In the midst of all this, the question that must be answered is how to navigate this polarizing environment, especially when recognizing the need to address issues like global warming that continue to grow in strength everyday. For if today's problems sow the seeds for tomorrow's disaster, then perhaps the only thing we can hope to do is seek out discourse in this fragmented world.

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