Conference Theme

The theme of BEIMUN XXIV is “Growth and Duality"

Our world is characterized by dualities. We are living in an age of rapid development and change. Around the world, we have seen drastic improvements and expansion in not only physical, but also intellectual and ideological aspects of both our societies and our respective cultures. And as the tides of change immutably progress, it becomes abundantly clear that our continuous growth must be stable and peaceful.

It is increasingly clear that this growth has, in addition to positive change, created risks and issues. Issues such as nuclear weapons, inequality, and extremist ideology have arisen as a byproduct of our rapid development and ideological expansion. Solving these issues is paramount to future security and stability. In a sense, while our growth has caused great progress, it has also resulted in negatives, and it is our responsibility to minimize this duality.

This essential theme of the duality in our world will be reflected in BEIMUN XXIV throughout all issues and crises debated in each forum.

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