Executive Council

Secretary General: Victoria Seo

Hello everyone!

My name is Victoria Seo and it is an honor to serve as one of your Secretaries General for the 26th annual BEIMUN conference. I will be a senior at the International School of Beijing and this will be my 3rd year in MUN and my 4th conference. MUN has helped broaden my sight on global issues through communications and connections with various fellow students from all around the world. It has also given me precious memories and friendships that I wouldn't have been able to obtain otherwise. I believe MUN is an excellent way of not only gaining new experience but also strengthening communication and social skills by interacting with others. Aside from MUN, I enjoy singing, traveling, and listening to music. I am looking forward to making the most out of this conference. I hope you all can gain a helpful experience debating and make valuable connections with others. 

See you all soon!


Secretary General: Samuel Soh

A warm welcome to all participants of BEIMUN XXVI!

My name is Samuel Soh and it is my pleasure to serve as one of your Secretaries General for the twenty-sixth annual Beijing Model United Nations conference. I am a junior at the International School of Beijing, with this being my fifth year involved in MUN.

I joined MUN in middle school with the hope of being able to better understand current events, social issues, and broaden my knowledge of how the world’s nations interact. What I found was that I gained everything I had hoped to find in MUN and much more. MUN isn’t just about speech writing or preparing resolutions, its about how we, as members of a globalizing world, connect and come to understand the people we share our planet with. In that sense, the importance of MUN cannot be downsized. I hope that all participants, whether it be as an admin, delegate, chair, or director, will be able to recognize the importance of the MUN program we attend and the responsibilities each and every one of us have in the world we live in. Let’s make this year’s BEIMUN one to remember!


Deputy Secretary General: Leo Cheng

Greetings BEIMUN participants! I’m Leo Cheng and it is my greatest pleasure and privilege to serve as part of the secretariat for BEIMUN XXVI. Although I am from both Hong Kong and Canada, I have resided in Beijing for most of my life. As a senior, I will be participating in my 4th and final BEIMUN conference with more than 4 years of MUN experience. I originally joined MUN out of curiosity, however, after my first conference I instantly became attached to the intense debate, professionalism as well as passion demonstrated in my first committee. Since then, I have been able to partake in multiple international conferences in all parts of the world and experiencing conferences run by other amazing secretariats. MYMUN, CISSMUN, THIMUN, and BERMUN were just some of the conferences I was honored to be a part of. Taking part in MUN has allowed me to become and remain aware of the global issues that have led to impact great numbers of people. In addition, MUN has taught me that being globally minded and taking action is a large part of what any member of the international community has as a responsibility. I not only urge all of you to do your best in making change in the future, but I also encourage each one of you to recognize that even the smallest bit of action taken can change the world for the better. Other than MUN I am heavily involved in sports as well as music. I play ice hockey, run track, as well as sing and rap in my free time. I truly believe that anyone can achieve anything as long as they believe and stay determined. I am both honored and excited to be able to meet all of you in the upcoming BEIMUN conference. See you all soon!

Deputy Secretary General: Andrew Liu

Honorable chairs and fellow delegates, My name is Andrew Liu, and it is my utmost honor to serve as part of the executive team for this year's BEIMUN conference. I am currently a senior at the International School of Beijing, and this year's BEIMUN will be my eighth MUN conference. BEIMUN has always been a rewarding experience, as it has allowed me to open up to new perspectives on controversial social issues, such as the problems of sovereignty, lack of health care, and prevalence of terrorism that plague the world today. Above all, the exposure to different views has truly allowed me to appreciate the complexity of societal issues as a whole. Through the experience, I have grown from adopting a provincial and rather oversimplified view of people to understanding that there are a myriad of factors that ultimately shape the human subject. In brief, BEIMUN has been an outstanding medium for cultivating empathy and for helping me realize that it is everyone's responsibility for ensuring the welfare of mankind at large. I hope you all enjoy this conference as much as we will, and I look forward to working with you all.


Deputy Secretary General: Minhye Kwon

My name is Minhye Kwon, and I am honored to serve as a member of the secretariat for BEIMUN XXVI. I am a Korean, but I’ve been in Beijing for the most of my life, and I am currently a junior at the International School of Beijing. I started the MUN program as an intimidated middle school student, looking to improve my public speaking skills. My four years in MUN has been a challenge, being repeatedly placed out of my comfort zone. Though difficult, MUN was definitely beneficial. These years helped me to not only improve as a delegate, but also grow as a person, becoming a better collaborator, problem solver, and many other ‘–er’s. I love challenges. I love puzzles, I love math problems, and most importantly, I love MUN. I hope that BEIMUN XXVI will be another challenge and another valuable experience for you, as it will be for me. I look forward to seeing everyone in March!

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