General Information

Where can I find information on hotels?

Please refer to the Accommodations page for information regarding hotels.

Where can I find information on busing to and from the conference?

Please refer to the Transportation page for information on transportation to and from the conference.

Does BEIMUN offer home stays to visiting students?

Unfortunately, due to the large numbers of participants, the International School of Beijing will not be able to offer home stays.

Are visas required for visitors to China?

Visas will be required for visitors upon entry to China. Please apply 1 or 2 months before your planned date for visit to allow for necessary processing. Passports must be valid for at least six months. All foreign passport holders need a visa before their arrival in China and this process can take several weeks.  Please plan to request the required Invitation Letter in January. Be advised that the regulations change frequently and in the past passports from certain geographic regions have had trouble obtaining visas and/or have been rejected by the Embassy in their home country.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee visa approval and we cannot offer any assistance other than the invitation letter.

Do all delegates in all committees give opening speeches?

BEIMUN will not have opening speeches for any delegates in order to maximize lobbying and debate time.

Do ambassadors need to be appointed for each delegation?

There is no need to appoint an ambassador for each delegation as there will be no opening speeches at BEIMUN.

Can I access Youtube/Google Drive in Beijing? 

Unfortunately, due to restrictions imposed by the Chinese government, Youtube/Google Drive cannot be accessed in Beijing. If access to these sites are imperative, it is recommended that a VPN service be purchased before arrival in Beijing.

Are meals provided at the conference?

Meals are included in the registration fee and will be provided at the conference.

Are there vegetarian/kosher/halal/vegan dining options?

While we work with our vendors to provide specific meal requests, they are often lost in translation and therefore cannot be guaranteed. We do our best to offer a variety that will suit all dietary restrictions but those needing gluten free, halal, dairy free etc. should ask the Director or the Secretariat prior to consuming anything to ensure ingredients.

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