General Information

When and Where is BEIMUN?

This year's conference will be held Thursday, March 15th to Sunday, March 18th, 2018.

Where is the conference held?

This year's conference will be held at the International School of Beijing.

Registration Details

How do schools register for BEIMUN?

For schools with invitations, registration will open on May 1st and close on October 7th. For schools who wish to be invited to BEIMUN please send an email to the BEIMUN director.

When is school registration upon arrival in Beijing?

On March 15th, schools will be able to register for BEIMUN, and also register late on the 16th.

Transportation and Accommodation:

Where can I find information on hotels?

Please refer to the Accommodations page for information regarding hotels.

Where can I find information on busing to and from the conference?

Please refer to the Transportation page for information on transportation to and from the conference.

Does BEIMUN offer home stays to visiting students?

Unfortunately, due to the large numbers of participants, the International School of Beijing will not be able to offer home stays.

Are visas required for visitors to China?

Visas will be required for visitors upon entry to China. Please apply 1 or 2 months before your planned date for visit to allow for necessary processing. Passports must be valid for at least six months.

Conference Preparation and Participation:

Do all delegates in all committees give opening speeches?

BEIMUN will not have opening speeches for any delegates in order to maximize lobbying and debate time.

Do ambassadors need to be appointed for each delegation?

There is no need to appoint an ambassador for each delegation as there will be no opening speeches at BEIMUN.

Can I access Youtube/Google Drive in Beijing? 

Unfortunately, due to restrictions imposed by the Chinese government, Youtube/Google Drive cannot be accessed in Beijing. If access to these sites are imperative, it is recommended that a VPN service be purchased before arrival in Beijing.

Are meals provided at the conference?

Meals are included in the registration fee and will be provided at the conference.

Are there vegetarian/kosher/halal/vegan dining options?

Vegetarian/kosher/halal/vegan dining options are available, however, those wishing to have these options must inform the BEIMUN director of their preference three months before the conference.

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