GA 1 (Disarmament and International Security)
Preventing cyberterrorism and the rise of hacker organizations.
Reevaluating global laws in protecting national sovereign boundaries.
Overseeing the use of private military contractors in the Middle East.

GA 2 (Economic and Financial Affairs)
Alleviating extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa by strengthening disaster risk reduction.
Establishing frameworks for food security and sustainability in Eastern Asia.
Measures to improve control of mosquito-borne diseases in South America.

GA 3 (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs)
Question of LGBTQ+ rights in the Uganda.
Improving education for women in the Arabian Peninsula.
Protecting Rohingya refugees from threats of land mines

GA 5 (Administrative and Budgetary)
Eliminating the global wage gap
Establishing framework against corruption in LEDCs
Protecting the right to access of information in the Korean Peninsula.

GA 6 (Legal Affairs)
Addressing “White Collar” crime in North America and Europe.
Promoting democratic reforms in Eastern Europe.
Combatting the malicious use of social media to influence elections


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