Statement of Purpose

"The Model United Nations program in Beijing is an extension of The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN). As an affiliate, BEIMUN seeks to reflect the ideas and principles of a peaceful post Cold War world. The Coordinators of the program believe that this world order more accurately reflects the original motives of the authors of the 1945 San Francisco Charter than events following the Potsdam Conference of the same year. It is our hope that BEIMUN will continue to act as another regional center of THIMUN conference affiliates helping to revitalize the original ideals of the United Nations.

Current events confirm that the attitudes and voting patterns of the United Nations members are changing. Hence, at BEIMUN, the diplomat of any member state, no matter how large or small, rich or poor, who exercises independence of character and a critical mind, can truly serve his nation honorably in a great experiment in world community. The individual delegate's efforts at communication and behavior will be the most important factors in the drive for a better world and a quality MUN conference. Any delegate who sits idly by weakens his/her own nation's significance in this simulation and therefore the forum as well.

MUN teachers have the daunting instructional task of destroying stereotypes to free students to think and communicate both as delegates and diplomats of a world community. Those with so called non-essential countries, and those with spotlighted countries have equally difficult tasks. Some of you, who view the conference and events on the world stage, think they know the correct position of the spotlighted countries, and that the other countries have little or nothing to contribute. The history of the United Nations in the 1980's, points to the folly of such thinking. This attitude must be overcome if schools are to contribute to establishing the best precedents for future world citizens.

We ask for your understanding, cooperation, and quality work in preparation and participation in order to uphold the principles described above. Victory belongs to all of the delegates at the conference who negotiate the best solutions possible to the most complex issues of this new era in which we live. I do believe that the day is coming when THIMUN and their affiliates become the voice of the youth of this planet and that you, BEIMUN delegates, will have the opportunity to contribute to the shaping of our world."

-Irwin Stein, Founder of BEIMUN, January 1993.

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