Please help solve this. Will give brainiest. Please explain your answers, as I have no idea how to solve this, but I tried my best.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:-2(6+s) ≥ -15 -2sstep 1: first remove the parenthesis              -12 - 2s ≥ -15 -2sstep 2: add +12 to each side to combine like and unlike terms            -12 - 2s + 12 ≥ 15 - 2s +12            = -2s ≥ 27 - 2sstep 3: then add +2s to each side to obtain unknown sides-2s + 2s ≥ 27 -2s + 2s0 ≥ 27 + 0Answer: No solutionIn SummaryStep 1 Eliminate fractions by multiplying all terms by the least common denominator of all fractions. Step 2 Simplify by combining like terms on each side of the inequality. Step 3 Add or subtract quantities to obtain the unknown on one side and the numbers on the other. Step 4 Divide each term of the inequality by the coefficient of the unknown. If the coefficient is positive, the inequality will remain the same. If the coefficient is negative, the inequality will be reversed. Step 5 Check your answer.